Mioszzi Alcohol Wipes with 75% Alcohol, 50 Wipes per pack

Quantity: 1 Pack
Sale price$5.50


This is a great pick that has a total of 50 pieces; hence will suit you accordingly. In addition to this, the Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes have a total of 75% alcohol content, making them great for disinfection and other needs. The good thing is the alcohol wipes are soft and smooth on the skin thanks to the premium pad material that is used in the construction. This Alcohol Cleaning Wipes bring about maximum absorbency for cleansing and scrubbing the body parts.

Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Wipes are recommended for exterior use only plus have larger sizes for better comfy when using the wipes. Other than this, the wipes have non-woven sponges that bring about moderate cleaning. Lastly, they are quality and cost-effective products that you will find great for your budget.


  • Effective: 75% Ethyl Alcohol Content Eliminates Germs.
  • Package: Contains 50 disposable, hand sanitizer wipes, each wipe is 5” x 7” sheets per pack. Open lid, gently pull back resealable label, and open/close lid as needed.
  • All Purpose.
  • Maximum Coverage: Large 5" x 7" Wipe.
  • Convenient: Especially When There Is No Soap and Water.
  • On The Go: Keep A Pack in Your Office or in Your Car.

Features: A pack of 50 pieces Disinfecting Wipes; Quality non-woven sponges; 75% isopropyl alcohol; Premium pad material; Wide application

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