Supply Hawk Procedure Masks (32779)

Supply Hawk is proud to have established a supply chain to deliver face masks to frontline healthcare providers and the general public.

These fluid resistant procedure masks come directly from an FDA certified manufacturer. This product is manufactured and distributed in compliance with Section E of the FDA Enforcement Policy for Face Masks and Respirators During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency.

Why our mask?

    Supply Hawk's 32779 Procedure Masks are manufactured in an ISO compliant facility by a manufacturer that is approved by the FDA to produce medical supplies of all forms--not just masks. These masks have undergone rigorous testing to ensure regulatory compliance and more importantly to ensure a premium mask you can trust.

    Our masks meet the following criterion:

    • ASTM 1862 Fluid Resistance Level 2 (120 mmHg) (Test Results)
    • 16 CFR 1610 Class II Flammability Requirement (Test Results)
    • NOTICE: The test reports for this product states that this mask achieves a 99% bacterial filtration efficiency and meet the EN14683 Type IIR EU Standard. SINCE THESE MASKS ARE DISTRIBUTED UNDER THE EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION, SUPPLY HAWK DOES NOT MAKE THESE CLAIMS.

    Most masks on the market provide a false sense of protection. Some are dangerous to use.

    • Other masks are not manufactured in a sanitary environment.
    • Other masks are made of materials, such as cotton, that do not provide adequate protection.
    • Other masks are not made by an FDA certified manufacturer.
    • Other masks have not undergone any testing.
    • Other masks are not certified for use by medical professionals.

    Product Certifications

    Supply Hawk works with the manufacturer XianTao ZhongTai Protective Products to distribute these masks. They registered with both the US FDA and the European Union.

    Product Testing

    The product has been tested by the Hubei Medical Devices Quality Supervision and Test Institute (hereinafter "Hubei Medical"). Hubei Medical is a laboratory accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) to assess "Masks, Gloves, Medical Protective Clothing and Other Personal Protective Equipment." These test reports from these labs are also accepted by the US FDA.

    Here you will find the test procedures and test results from labs in the US and China. Note that while these test results include over 99% bacterial filtration efficiency and meet the EN14683 Type IIR EU Standard requirements, OUR PRODUCT CANNOT MAKE THESE CLAIMS SINCE THEY HAVE BEEN IMPORTED UNDER THE EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION.