Supply Hawk is negotiating steep discounts with its providers for the products below.

The negotiations are happening just before Thanksgiving, so we thought we'd join in this time-honored American tradition. We're negotiating rates for all of the products below! If you have a large order you'd like to make email us at so we can try to negotiate an even better deal for you all!


  • Will these deals apply to BYD N95 respirators?
    Yes! They're in the product list below.
  • Will you be carrying any new items?
    Yes! We will have FXX rated level 2 and 3 masks along with our newly manufactured ASTM level 1 masks.
  • Anything other than masks?
    We have a few special items we're 
  • I heard you all are starting a referral program?
    Why yes we are. The details are a secret
  • How can I get even better details?
    Email us your wishlist, and we can make a larger preorder. The more people that buy, the larger quantity discounts we get.
  • Why should I trust your products?
    We purchase most of our products from Medline a well known distributer in the US. There are only two exceptions: (1) Supply Hawk branded products we manufacture ourselves, (2) our kids products are sourced from other US companies. All of these products have been vetted and we can provide you with certification documents. Just send us an email!