Supply Hawk delivers certified, high-quality personal protective equipment and other medical equipment to healthcare providers. To further the fight against COVID-19, Supply Hawk has made select products available to the general public as well.

We Fight For You

Supply Hawk formed in reaction to the extreme prices seen for PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort reduce costs, Supply Hawk collected demand from 30 healthcare providers across the US and made purchases directly from manufacturers. We fight for product excellence while demanding fair prices for whatever supplies are needed during the crisis.

We have made it our mission to deliver high-quality, medical supplies rapidly at the least possible cost to health care providers. If you are a healthcare provider, contact us directly for significant discounts on our products.

Sourcing Assistance

If you need assistance source large quantities of any personal protective equipment, fill our our PPE interest form. We use this information to determine how much we should order from our manufacturer partners.

We Fight Like The Hawk

  • Hawks are known for the high visual acuity and can even see ultraviolet light—we vet every one of our products in depth to gain piercing clarity on their performance.
  • Hawks are swift, able hunters—we are nimble in connecting providers with manufacturers that are able to supply their needs.
  • Hawks are among the most intelligent birds—we like to think we're one of the smarter medical supply groups around too.