Venus N95 Respirator Masks, NIOSH Certified, Pack of 10 ($2.09 each)

Quantity: Pack of 10 Masks ($2.09 each)
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The Venus N95 NIOSH (CN95+) is a lightweight collapse resistance mask that provides greater than 95% protection against non oil-based particles. This adjustable and extremely comfortable convex shaped respirator provides optimum protection. This is a skin friendly mask that does not deform with repeat wears or high temperatures. Provides protection against sub-micron particles, fine dusts, and biological agents.

  • NIOSH Approved
  • Light Weight, Collapse Resistance Shell
  • Provides protection against biological agents e.g. TB, SARS, and pandemic influenza
  • Superior Micro Fine Filter Technology
  • Added Protection from Airborne Viruses
  • Leakproof Fit
  • Provides Breathing Comfort
  • Activated Carbon to Prevent Odors
  • Filters >95% non-oil based particles
  • TC-84A-7516
  • Provides protection against non oil based liquid mist
  • Made in India

Venus N95 protects the wearer from solid dust & oil and mist. Particulate filter respirators are classified by filtering efficiency and maximum total inward leakage performance & also by inhalation resistance.

Anti Clogging (NRD)

This N95 mask has passed the dolomite test. It resists clogging even in very high dust environments.
Tough Shell

Well-integrated structure maintains the shape disallowing collapse.
Superior technology Micro-Fine filter media

Protects micro-fine breathable suspended particulate matter.
Aluminum clip - Cut seal edge

Latex free braided textile elastic

Elastic sewed outside filter area

Low profile design


Paint & pigments, battery, brazing & working with molten metals, construction, dyes & dyestuffs, ferrous & non-ferrous metallurgical industries, fertilizer, foundries, pharmaceutical, leather tanning, paper processing, power generation, petrochemicals.

Venus CN95 Test Reports

Application examples

Agriculture Pesticides, insecticide spraying
Ceramics Material mixing
Pharmaceuticals Material handling, Bulk drugs
Engineering Cutting, Sand blasting, Powder coating, Buffing, Welding, Painting
Battery Lead handling
Chemical Material handling, Material processing
Automobile Powder coating, Welding, Painting, Maintenance work
Metal Fabrication Welding, Smelting, Soldering, Metal pouring
Effluent treatment plant Maintenance

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