Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer by ALICN Medical

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This non-touch thermometer has rapid and accurate measurement due to its highly sensitive probe. The ergonomic design provides a solid and stable grip which makes it easy and comfortable to hold during measurement. It is lightweight and small, which is easy to store or travel with and it is suitable for people with all ages.


  • Easy to read: bright and legible
  • Toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit 
  • 15mm-50mm (0.5in-2in) measurement distance
  • Measures temperature between 89 °F-108°F (31.6 °C-42.2 °C), temperatures outside that range display as "high" and "low"
  • Easy to use: click once to turn on, click once to scan, hold for 5 seconds to turn off, automatically turns off in 1 minute
  • Measurement accuracy is within 0.5 °F
  • Memory to store  up to 32 previous measurements
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries

More Details from the Manufacturer

Turn on the thermometer by pressing the scan/power button. A beep sound will occur and the device will be ready to use. Turn off the thermometer by holding the button for 5 seconds. The accuracy of the device can be affected by the environment if it it's too hot or too cold. keep the device in an environment between 60°F to 95°F for at least 30 minutes before use. The person being measured should be kept at room temperature for at least 20 minutes for body temperature to stabilize.

Wipe the skin and move hair strands away before measurement. For repeated measurements, wait 5 seconds before each attempt. To toggle temperature modes, switch off the device and hold the button  for 8 seconds. Press and release the button to select the desired temperature mode. To recall readings from memory, switch off the device and hold the button for 4 seconds.  The last reading will first be displayed. Press the button again to display the next reading in sequence from the last reading to the first reading.

This thermometer is manufactured by Alicn Medical Inc and is FDA certified. For more information , email or visit their website

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