Surgical Masks Now Available to the General Public

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Makrite Scam Notice

Makrite respirators are in extremely limited supply. As such, if you receive an offer for their masks you should proceed with extreme caution. The manufacturer has reported the following: If someone claims to be able to obtain over 40,000pcs of Makrite N95 masks in a short period of time, it will be a scam and shall not be trusted.  If someone claims that they could obtain a large quantity of Makrite N95 masks through the internal relations with our factory, it will be a scam and shall not be trusted.  If you have any doubts about the source of masks or authorization when purchasing Makrite masks in the market, please contact Makrite at +886-2-26982419

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Makrite Counterfeit N95 Respirator

Makrite recently published an alert that the following respirator purporting to be their 9500-N95 is a counterfeit product. In the event that you encounter a counterfeit Makrite product or suspect one to be counterfeit, please report it to

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