All Types of Masks used to prevent Covid-19

Our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered wearing masks mandatory. This is because masks have considerably slowed down the spread of the coronavirus. However, it is important to choose a mask that fits well and offers complete protection. Various types of masks are available to protect the wearer from COVID-19. Suppliers such as Pipeline Medical offer a wide range of NIOSH-approved high-quality masks for different users from healthcare workers to individuals.

Here are the different types of masks available to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

face masks

Types of Masks

A surgical mask or a medical face mask is personal protective equipment (PPE) that is usually used by healthcare professionals during medical procedures. It is a safe and affordable option for protection against COVID-19 and it effectively filters particulate matter. Two-ply surgical masks are great for regular use.

  • Reusable respiratory masks

Reusable respiratory masks

Reusable respiratory masks are can be used by healthcare professionals and the general public. These masks are multilayered with a high-efficiency particulate air filter to protect the user against pollutants and airborne pathogens. These masks offer more than 95% filtration efficiency. The benefit of using these is that they can easily be disinfected and reused.

Nuo 3D Mask

A Nuo 3D mask is a specialized artificial intelligence (AI)-powered generative design mask that is currently gaining popularity. Using AI, these masks are 3D printed and tailor-made to perfectly fit the shape of the user’s face and filter harmful pollutants and pathogens.  They are produced using industry-specific 3D printers and high-grade polyamide.

A fabric or cloth mask is great for regular use and is effective for trapping droplets that are released when the user sneezes, coughs, or talks. These masks are made of two layers of cloth and can be washed and reused. However, it's worth remembering that one should not share these masks with others without washing. They are easy to breathe in and help prevent the spread of viruses, although they are not as effective as respirator masks.

These are the best for providing a higher degree of protection than surgical or cloth masks because they can filter large and small particles. N95 masks filter 95% of the particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers. However, these masks are not for general use and should be prioritized for health care workers and the other medical first responders who are in close contact with patients on a daily basis. Besides, these are uncomfortable for children and people with facial hair.

Masks with valves

Masks with exhalation valves are easier to breathe through and are more comfortable than other masks. This type of mask protects the wearer from dust and airborne pathogens.  However, masks with valves may not necessarily slow the spread of the disease. This is because if the wearer is infected, they can spread the virus on exhalation.

Find the Right Mask for You

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